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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Haugastøl Turistsenter AS wants you as a user to be confident that we safeguard your privacy and process all personal data in accordance with the legislation.

Personal information

To use the online booking service, you must provide your name, address, telephone number and e-mail. In order to register an order, information about the time of rental and the type of equipment reserved/ordered must also be stored. There is an age limit of 18 for using the service, and you must therefore also state your year of birth. When using the service, your order history is saved. This personal data is used to deliver the service to you. This personal data is stored as long as you are registered as a user with us. The personal data we have registered is available and can be changed on your page, which you can find inside the online booking service after logging in. You can also contact us and request that we remove your personal data or be deregistered from our systems. You will then no longer be able to use the service unless you register again.

Personal data to third parties

Haugastøl Turistsenter AS will not sell, exchange or pass on your personal information. The online booking is handled in a system provided by Sharefox AS.

Payment information

When you order, your card information is stored with the payment provider NETS to take care of your order. NETS stores the information in a safe and sound manner and is PCI certified. This enables us to handle changes to orders, cancellation of reservations such as deposits, crediting, additional costs incurred by the user (due to late submission, damage or the like), as well as reducing misuse and waste. Transaction information is stored related to your order, but not the card information. Transaction information will be stored as long as you are registered as a user of the service, cf. section on personal information.

Use of collected information

The personal information collected for these purposes includes both information you provide yourself (name, email address, etc.) and information collected through use of the service, such as which equipment you rent and information about location and technical information about your device and internet connection . The personal information may be supplemented with available information from third-party actors.

Information cookies

When you visit our service, we use various technologies to recognize you as a user and collect data. For example, we use cookies to remember rental dates and equipment. Cookies facilitate the use of the service and to provide you with relevant information when you visit our website. They are also used to temporarily store data such as available rental dates, prices and the like.
Through server logs and other tools, we can record information about the device and the connection to our service, including operating system, browser version, IP address, cookies and unique identification files. This information is used in anonymous and aggregated statistics, but can also be linked to your user account. Among other things, the information allows us to adapt the display of our service to the device you are using.