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Terms and conditions

Terms of service:

1. The renter is fully responsible for the equipment in case of damage and loss. The renter will be charged
for the repair costs in case of unusual wear and tear of the equipment.

2. The renter is responsible for the delivery of the bike at the correct time. If the bike is delivered too late,
the renter will be charged with extra rental costs.

3. Haugastøl Turistsenter AS or any of its staff can not be held responsible in case of injury caused by
malfunction of the bicycle. The renter should inspect the bike to ensure proper function of all parts.

4. Norwegian law applies should any disputes arise. The bike has to be delivered before 18.00 (6 PM) on
the last day of the rental. If the bike is handed in later than the delivery time, the renter will be charged with
extra rental costs.

Cancellation Terms:

1. Payment of the booking has to be made at the time of booking.

2. If the booking is cancelled earlier than 4 weeks prior to your arrivaldate (6 weeks for groups of more than 15 people), 95% of the amount paid amount is refunded.

3. If canceled less than 4 weeks (6 weeks for groups of more than 15 people) before arrival, no refund is given.

4. It is possible to change the date of bicycle hire up to 28 days before arrival, as long as the change applies to the same season. If you wish to change less than 28 days in advance, this is considered a new booking and the full amount of the original order will be charged. If you change to a date with a higher price, you will have to pay the remaining amount.

4. The rental is not refunded in the event of bad weather or that certain sections are not recommended for cycling due to snow.

5. We strongly recommend taking out travel insurance that covers your expenses in the event of illness or unforeseen events.

If you fear that you cannot travel due to the COVID19 situation, we recommend that you have insurance that covers this, or wait to book until you are sure that you can travel.

Snow along the the Rallarvegen:

The season on Rallarvegen varies in length depending on the amount of snow and when it melts. Parts of the road are not allowed to be plowed, so the snow must melt naturally.

In a normal season, the road is passable from the beginning of July, but with some snowdrifts to roll over.

Some years the season starts several weeks later. We recommend keeping up to date on conditions before booking, so you know your route is rideable.

Bookings for bikes made for dates between July 1-15 can be freely changed to a later date in the season if there is snow on parts of the road. Change must be made at least 7 days before you pick up the bike.

For bookings for cycling after July 15, they can be changed to a later date if it is not passable between Haugastøl and Finse or Hallingskeid and Flåm. Snow between Finse and Hallingskeid will not be a reason to change the date. (here you can take the bike on the bike train past it).

The rental fee is not refunded due to snow, you are responsible for checking current conditions. We continuously update current conditions on our website. (Click on Rallarvegrapport).